Bellydancing in Egypt

What if there were a fun, empowering way to get fit and celebrate your body? The news is, there is…it has existed for centuries: the art of belly dancing!
It’s not only a healthy workout and core strengthening and toning activity, it’s also a way to feel empowered, embodied in your femininity. Led by professional belly dance instructors, you’ll be guided in mesmerizing belly dance moves which will then be combined into a sexy choreography sequence for you to use anytime.

Belly dance benefits!

What is included in this dance-travel adventure:

Transfer from the airport
Lodging for 5 nights
Expert instruction in foundational movements, techniques and philosophy of belly dance
10 belly dancing classes  (15+ hours of tuition) with a range of inspirational teachers
Step-by-step guidance and easy-to-follow directions for any level
Insights and wisdom to truly connect with your body
Additional dance studio hours to perfect your moves, and in a social setting with others who enjoy music

About your Instructors:

Ashima has been studying various forms of belly dance for 10 years. She has always had a love of dance; from ballet, tap, jazz and modern to salsa and belly dance. She has studied classical, urban, tribal and fusion styles of belly dance with several renowned instructors. Ashima sees belly dance as a form of meditation, personal expression, and a way to connect with a wonderful sisterhood of women.

Jasmina has been belly dancing for over 10 years, and has a true passion for the art. Jasmina discovered that this ritual dance movement was done in the temples of Egypt to honor the Goddesses: in times when women were oppressed, they danced together to connect with their spirituality, self-expression, and each other. Her goal is to share the beauty and healing nature of this ancient, sacred dance.

Nihad Al Sharif will be your lead instructor in Alexandria, Egypt, and Yasmina is the supervising instructor and Airbnb host (with on site dance studio) in Cairo.

We arrange small groups so everyone gets the most from their travels

Why you should enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience:

Make amazing memories with friends
Feel strong and empowered in your body, reconnect with yourself
Enjoy an amazing cultural experience

Optional activities: create your own soundtrack of dance music, shop in the lively street markets to buy costumes, scarves or music, enjoy amazing local foods, visit the pyramids and Valley of the Kings, ride a camel to enjoy majestic views

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