Weekend at Hidden Valley Zen Center

Join us for a weekend in San Marcos CA at the Hidden Valley Zen Center, Friday April 21-Sunday April 23, 2023. Activities begin Friday afternoon at 4:00 pm and continue through Sunday at 3 pm. You are welcome to join us for Saturday April 22 9:00 am – 4:00 pm ONLY, or add on Friday evening/Saturday evening/Sunday activities, meals, and/or meals and overnight lodging. Reservations are required. We will ‘weave in’ our activities, integrating with the Zen Center’s regular schedule of Zazen Meditations/Sesshins, Dharma talks, etc.


FRIDAY April 21: Welcome, Rejuvenating Friends’ Night In, Yoga Nidra Meditation
SATURDAY April 22: A restful, introspective, much-deserved “Yin” day of Meditation, Yoga, Sound Healing, Insightful Discussions, “Noble Silence”, Journaling and Personal Reflection, Kinhin (moving meditation)
SUNDAY April 23: Zazen Meditation, Chanting, Dharma Talk, “Samu” Work Project, Depart for home

If you would like to provide a retreat activity, fill out this form then schedule a brief “meet and greet” 

If you have questions or activity requests, email zenctuaryretreats@gmail.com

Activities are currently scheduled to be led by our host Sensei Sozui (meditation instruction, discussions), and guest facilitators Kyoko Tanaka (singing bowls), Bonnie Bertano (introspective reflections, group discussions, journaling, Yoga Nidra), and Misty Fletcher (Yin Yoga). Group facilitators and activities may change and “flow” based on guests or practitioners needs, or the monastery schedule. Activities will take place in the Zendo (large meditation hall), dining hall, dormitory, and/or among the natural beauty of monastery grounds. 

Meals: you may bring your own non-meat food (the dining hall building has a fridge and microwave), or enjoy amazing vegetarian dishes prepared by Sensei Sozui. Lunch is provided on Saturday (please see “day only” visitor HVZC donation suggestion) and throughout the weekend, also by donation.

For guests who stay overnight and/or who participate in community meals offered by HVZC on FRIDAY and/or SUNDAY, donations for board and lodging are tax-deductible and most welcome (we suggest $79/night for lodging and food, or $20-50/day for day-only visitors). The Zen Center does not exist to make a profit and they generously host new guests who are not yet considered members. Still, they have expenses like everyone does, so Friday and Sunday costs are based on donation to the HVZC: please pay them directly by cash or check. Hidden Valley Zen Center also welcomes donations of food (we hear they appreciate organic rice, beans and fresh veggies) and work/labor (we will be doing a short work project together for them on Sunday). 

Our events are intended to be accessible: if the cost is a financial hardship for you, reach out and let us know and we can look into scholarship donations.


Kyoko Tanaka

Meet Kyoko, supports the integration of her clients’ “life’s work”. She is a native of Japan and has been living in the U.S. for over 40 years. Her background is in graphic design; she drew upon this training and became a “color therapy practitioner” using art, sounds, and her original oracle message cards to support the process of deep healing and empowerment for others. This experience supports people to discover and bring out the true nature of who they are and remind them of the joy of life!

Bonnie Bertano

Meet Bonnie, a highly experienced healthcare and wellness professional based in San Diego. She has been serving in this industry since 2003, holding a range of roles including homeopath, licensed nurse, nutritionist, and yoga teacher. Bonnie's journey in healthcare began with home care and hospice services, where she gained valuable experience and a passion for helping others. From there, she transitioned to nutraceutical sales at Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy, a leading health and wellness retail chain located in La Jolla.

Misty Fletcher

Meet Misty, a skilled nurse with over 15 years of experience in acute care. Her dedication to helping people heal from trauma is evident in her commitment to reuniting the mind, body, and spirit connection. Misty's passion for holistic healing has led her to become a certified 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT). She shares her expertise in multiple forms of yoga, including Buti, Vinyasa, and yoga for pain relief. Through her yoga instruction, Misty helps her clients find balance and healing, both physically and mentally.

Sozui Schubert Sensei

Sensei, was born in Hildesheim, Germany, in 1965 and after receiving a Master’s degree in architecture in Munich, she went to Japan in search of an authentic Zen master. She found her teacher in Harada Shodo-roshi, abbot of Sogen-ji Monastery in Okayama, Japan, and after a short return to Germany she returned to Sogen-ji for full time training and remained there for the next 20 years.

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