Your “Ikigai” (Life Purpose)

Join us for a 4-day retreat to dive deep into exploring your life purpose.

March 2022

IKIGAI is a Japanese word, roughly translated means the source of value in one’s life, or the things that make one’s life worthwhile. On another level Ikigai is the process of exploring and supporting your inner potential and what makes your life important: this is a universal human question, the purpose of our existence.

Topics we will explore:
What determines your ultimate happiness and success
Tools to deal with challenges, fears and difficulties, and how to experience clarity, peace, and mindfulness
Finding and navigating your path to discover your passions, and infusing them into your life
Setting goals that feel right to you, gaining confidence in your choices

About your instructor: Zen Master Bon Jacques-Pierre Cole practices the Ngagpa tradition of Tibetan spiritual legacies. Bon Buddhist Monks are known to be full of laughter and love, unpredictable, and deeply compassionate. Jacques has served in the US Navy and Army, and seeks to support those struggling to find their authentic purpose through self-discovery. Once one’s purpose is in alignment, all things become possible. He uses various techniques including different schools of meditation and mindfulness, oftentimes incorporating mudras (hand gestures), storytelling and sound healing.

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