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Do you want to lead a workshop to connect with people who are interested in wellness information, services, programs and retreats? We host social, informational, transformative, and rejuvenating workshops and invite you to be a part of our team. We also have business coaching services (from marketing specialists) to support you in getting the word out.

Our team has been managing health and wellness events since 2013; we are here to support you in sharing your gifts with others: you can lead a class weekly, monthly, quarterly, or just once…whatever works for you.

 If you’ve even planned a class or workshop, you know a lot goes into it, and you’re always wondering…who will show up? There are no guarantees, but the outcome is certain if you don’t even start. We work alongside you, supporting you from start to finish (and follow up!). Depending on the popularity of your topic, your course/workshop description, outreach, lead-nurturing, advertising, etc. it’s common for an in-person workshop to have 5-40 people attend. If you also want website, social media or email campaign management, just ask.

Step 2 – Fill out the Teacher Application

 Step 3 – Schedule a 15 minute “meet and greet” with us!

After filling out your application, schedule a video call with us: we’ll get information about your workshop and share our affiliate partnership opportunity

We do most of the heavy lifting for you when it comes to event planning. This is where you come in: decide where the event will happen and provide the space that gives attendees the type of “experience” you want. People who attend will get to know you through the workshop you offer; they’ll learn what you do, how you show up, what you offer, and ultimately how it affects their lives. When it comes to preparing for the event, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it! We collaborate and work together to promote the event (optional marketing services are available for any marketing needs you have) which means you’ll get in front of NEW potential clients. We’ll be an “accountability partner”, keeping you on track and providing support so you get things done by agreed-on deadlines and so we have time to do the marketing. You’ll also reach out to your community, inviting friends, family, colleagues, and clients who will enjoy the opportunity and can be “ambassadors” for you.

Working with us you can expect excellent service for event planning and promotion:

  •    Business coaching session(s) to review venues, your “upsell”, marketing, etc.
  •    Ready-to-share Facebook and Meetup events
  •    Website promotion on the Zenctuary Retreats website
  •    Support with insurance, liability waivers, photo permission forms, etc.

Optional marketing and promotion services are available (it’s what we DO!)

  •    Email outreach to our growing list of event attendees interested in wellness events and holistic health
  •    Website, SEO, and Social media management and marketing services (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  •    Support to prepare for bigger events (such as a retreat), including processing and keeping track of attendee registrations and necessary forms, responding to inquiries and RSVPs, reminder communications, event details, what to bring, what to expect, directions, any last-minute updates, follow up sales messaging, etc.
  •    Help with set up/cleaning up of your event
  •    Photography of the event, so you can use it for business promotion purposes
  •    Flyers, and writing the event description and your “Bio” 
  •    Email campaigns sent to your client list (or help setting up your list, email templates, etc.)

I’ll share information about how we work together to promote your event, answer any questions you have and share more about what we do on a FREE video conference call. There’s no obligation or pressure…just a meeting to discuss your business, see if we’re a good fit, and when we’re ready to move forward, get it on the calendar! You’ll get to meet with marketing and event-planning specialists who know the industry and CARE about your success. Whatever you decide (and when), you’ll find our meeting informative and inspiring. We’re filling the schedule now so if you have an idea for a workshop, fill out this 
online form. It should take less than 5 minutes if you have everything ready (your bio, event title and description, your professional photo, flyer, explanation of benefits to attending the workshop, venue address…). After completing the form, schedule a time with us by clicking HERE for our video conference call: we look forward to meeting you and discussing your work!

If you’ve read this far, you’re intrigued with the possibilities and you’re probably wondering what it costs. That 100% depends on what you are willing to do, to prepare for the event, what you support you need, and what you’re willing to invest in this. We’ll discuss all this on our call but in the meantime, here’s the best part: if you’re a good fit with our group, it’s completely FREE to hold a workshop with us. Here are the details:

The FREE event management package is designed for practitioners who prefer a DIY approach and can promote their event. The practitioner also provides the venue, set-up, cleanup, supplies for activities, workshop presentation/activities, and agrees to share the event on their social media (and/or to their email list), with their community. The Practitioner Agreement must be completed and all marketing content must be provided by agreed-upon deadlines, so we have enough time to actually promote the event. Avanti Promotions provides 3 hours of business support/coaching and marketing services to do all this, at no cost. 

PAID marketing services are optional, depending on what services you need. If you’re interested in email marketing, social media management or ads, a website (new or updating what you have), let us know! We look forward to meeting you, co-hosting your event, and welcoming you as part of our Zenctuary Group team. 

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