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Do you want to have a workshop or retreat to meet more people who might be interested in your services or other programs and events? We have wellness events for many different interests: social, educational, rejuvenating… Hold a successful workshop or retreat with our support: we have many services and options available to help you create an enjoyable experience for your future clients.

Our team has been organizing health and wellness events since 2013; we’d love to help you share your message and gifts. You can lead a course or workshop weekly, monthly, quarterly, or just once…whatever works for you!

 If you’ve planned a class or workshop, you know a lot goes into it, and you’re always wondering…who will show up? There are no guarantees, but the outcome is certain if you don’t start! We support you from start to finish (and follow up!). Depending on the popularity of your topic, your course description, outreach, and advertising, it’s common for an in-person workshop to have 5-40 people. If you need website, social media or email an campaign, just ask.

Step 1 - Watch a short video/slideshow

Step 2 - Fill out the Teacher Application

Step 3 - Schedule a 15 minute "meet and greet" with us!

After filling out your application, schedule a video call with us: we’ll get information about your workshop and share our affiliate partnership opportunity