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Workshop Description

Astrology (Western)

Western astrology has been used for many years and is still widely used today. It is a technique for assessing or analyzing a person’s life based on their horoscope and the moment of their birth. A horoscope is a chart that depicts the planets’ precise positions at the time of a person’s birth. The person’s life and personality are said to be impacted by these positions.

The foundation of astrology is the idea that celestial bodies like the sun, moon, and planets may have an impact on people’s lives via their motions and placements. The positions of these celestial planets, according to astrologers, may be utilized to comprehend a person’s personality, and conduct, and even forecast future life events.

Astrology has been practiced from the beginning of time when it was used to forecast events like the change of the seasons and interpret natural occurrences. It evolved throughout time into a profession that concentrated on comprehending human psychology and personality.

The tropical zodiac, which has twelve signs, is used in Western astrology. The planets’ positions in each sign may provide insight into a person’s personality and life path since each sign is linked to a set of features and attributes. The horoscope is interpreted by astrologers using a range of tools and methods, such as examining the positions of the planets, their interactions, and the aspects they make.

Western astrology may be used to understand one’s personality and life path as well as to make important life decisions about relationships, careers, and other areas. Many individuals look to astrology for direction and comfort during trying times because it may provide them with a sense of purpose and insight.

The profession of Western astrology is an intriguing one that may provide light on the complexity of human nature and conduct as a whole. Whether you believe in astrology or not, learning more about it may be an interesting and instructive experience.