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Workshop Description

Astrology (Western)

Western astrology is a method of evaluating or interpreting someone’s life by using their horoscope, based on the time of that person’s birth. It is primarily a product of Greco-Roman culture, with other influences from Babylonia and Sumeria. Western astrology uses the Equatorial zodiac and is based on the movement and approximate locations of celestial bodies like the Sun, Moon, and planets, and how these theoretically have influences on our lives here on the earth. Astrology includes twelve zodiac signs, points, houses, and “house positions of the birth chart.” Horoscopic astrology makes up the majority of western astrology, and is based on a horoscope for a precise moment (such a person’s birth) when celestial bodies are said to have an impact. In western pop culture, astrology is often limited to a person’s “sun sign”. If you’re curious about exploring this philosophy of how the sun, moon, plants and stars might have an effect on your life, join us for a workshop where we take a deep dive.