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Workshop Description

Full Body Detox

At these classes, we offer advice from medical experts to help you begin a “detox” program. This isn’t the type of program used in hospitals and treatment centers for drug addiction: it’s simply removing impurities from our bodies. People around the world use different methods to achieve this. Ancient societies in Europe and Asia regularly engaged in purifying practices to enhance the harmony between mind and body. According to claims, removing toxins can enhance health and even assist in weight loss. General principles apply here such as maintaining hydration, engaging in regular exercise, and eating a diet high in fiber and anti-oxidants; you might even want to add a meditation practice. These activities help your body’s natural detoxification processes so you look and feel your best; but if you are interested in the idea of detoxification to compensate for unhealthy lifestyle choices, pollution, and processed foods….come learn about natural ways to detoxify.