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Workshop Description

Fitness & Weight Training

Yes, we’ve heard it many times…exercise is good for you! It helps strengthen and tone your muscles, improve your cardiovascular system, address age-related muscle loss, and improves your overall health and appearance. In our fitness classes we may do aerobics (cardiovascular exercise) or use weights as resistance (weight training using dumbbells, resistance bands or your own body weight) to help you gain strength. Lean muscle mass naturally declines with age (it peaks in our 20’s!) so our teachers guide us to take action, whether to build, or replenish our lost muscle. With consistency, you’ll be able to lift weights more effortlessly and for longer periods of time, benefitting your life in many ways. This also helps preserve your bone mass, enhance weight management, and raise your metabolic rate. Well, what are we waiting for? If you’re at a point where you want to include more fitness and strength training in your life, join one of these workshops and let’s get moving!