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Workshop Description

Herbs for Healing

The use of plants as medicine and to improve overall health dates back to early civilizations. Herbalism makes use of our natural resources to support the body with its own innate healing ability, and restore the body to a natural balance. Herbal remedies can take the form of capsules, pills, teas, tinctures, and topical poultices, to name a few. When herbs are used properly and with guidance from qualified health professionals, they can help with several ailments. Herbs with medicinal properties can also be added to your favorite dishes; there are thousands of medicinal herbs, many of which we use routinely without realizing their health benefits. Herbs can sometimes serve as nature’s equivalent to pharmaceutical medications and should therefore be used with the same guidance and caution; often an “integrative” pharmacist or doctor can help you understand their use, precautions, interactions, etc. In our courses, we invite licensed and certified practitioners who can explain the many uses of herbs.