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"Ikigai" Workshop

Workshop Description

“Ikigai” (Life Purpose) 

Ikigai is a term used in Japanese culture to describe one’s purpose in life or the things that make life worthwhile. It is sometimes interpreted as “the happiness of always being busy” or “the joy of having a purpose.” Ikigai is fundamentally about discovering a feeling of satisfaction and meaning in life and then coordinating one’s behavior and ideals with that goal.

We investigate this idea in our Ikigai workshops using a range of activities and conversations. We start by assisting participants in identifying their interests and abilities. Then we mentor them as they learn how to integrate these pursuits with their beliefs and the needs of their community to build an entire and meaningful existence.

The concept of balance is one of the main ideas of Ikigai. Finding a harmonic balance between job, family, social relationships, and personal development is crucial to living a really satisfying life, in our opinion. We work with participants to identify the aspects of their lives that may be out of balance and to develop plans for regaining harmony.

We also discuss the importance of mindfulness and gratitude in developing a sense of meaning and pleasure in our seminars. We provide methods and resources for developing appreciation and mindfulness in everyday life, which may result in more clarity and purpose.

Our Ikigai seminars are ultimately intended to assist participants in discovering their innermost aspirations and a way to live a happy and meaningful life. Participants may find a sense of purpose and direction that can lead to more happiness and satisfaction by investigating their interests, values, and relationships.