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"Ikigai" Workshop

Workshop Description

“Ikigai” (Life Purpose) 

Ikigai is a Japanese word that means “reason for existing,” with “ki” standing for “life” and “gai” for “value” or “worth.” Thus, your Ikigai is essential your life purpose. Ikigai consists of four elements: what you enjoy doing, what you’re skilled at, what you could  be compensated for, and what the world needs. Many Japanese people think ikigai plays a significant part in their lifespan and quality of life. It’s understandable why western culture has developed an interest into this concept as a means of finding a fulfilling profession. Finding your greatest passion is one of the first steps in discovering your Ikigai; you then discover the means by which you can put your passion into action. Ikigai is about discovering happiness, contentment, and balance in the mundane, daily grind of life. Ikigai’s basic tenet is that nothing is compartmentalized; the world (and also our lives) are interconnected. We explore all these ideas in this special workshop, guiding you in an evaluation of yourself and the world around you. You might find that your life becomes more rewarding just because you participated in these activities.