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Labyrinth Walk

Workshop Descriptions 

Labyrinth walk

Many cultures throughout the world use the process of walking a labyrinth to help ground themselves and find their spiritual center. It can be a type of meditation or prayer that involves moving slowly through a labyrinth to clear your mind and re-establish your connection to the earth (it is not a maze; there is a clear path for you to follow). It is different from a sitting meditation only in that it involves walking. Labyrinth walks can be done for a variety of reasons, including dealing with loss or grief, reflecting on a life transition, setting goals, asking for support from the spiritual world, expressing gratitude, or just finding your inner calm. It’s relaxing and thought-clearing to walk a labyrinth in meditation. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be spiritual, the process of slow and deliberate walking on a predetermined path in a quiet setting can help you focus on things that otherwise might be challenging during our hectic lives. The activity might help you get clear on your goals, or evaluate unexpected life detours. Making use of this time to consider your goals could bring you tranquilly or inspire a fresh new perspective on life.