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Workshop Descriptions 

Thriving Through Menopause
A personalized workshop about how to access high quality, evidence-based care information during this amazing and often mysterious transitional time for women. We will transform the way you see menopause, give helpful information about the physiology of “what’s going on?!” and tips and tricks how to approach this topic with your healthcare practitioner and get the care you deserve.  In this class you will learn: What menopause is and how it can impact your life How you can manage, control or eliminate menopause symptoms Holistic treatment options for menopause hormone fluctuations 
Learn more about how to manage your menopause and ask questions, get answers from a qualified practitioner. We will help break the silence and stigma around menopause while we create a space for women going through it to understand more about it and give the opportunity to share their knowledge, wisdom and experiences with others. Parts of this workshop will be recorded so you can make it available to others in need of support, or your loved ones who want to understand what the women in their life are going through, to see how they can support them. Experiencing menopause is one of the biggest hurdles many women have to maintaining their quality of life. However, dealing with symptoms doesn’t have to keep you from the life you love!