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Mysticism & Magick

Workshop Descriptions 

Mysticism, Magick, and Shadow Work (Tarot, Crystals, etc.)

Mystical tools such as tarot cards, I-Ching, etc. are sometimes used as a means to support us (emotionally or spiritually) to gain perspective, explore possibilities, think about deeper meanings, and foster personal growth. They can help us take a step back and try to see things from the “bigger picture” or bring awareness to parts of ourselves that are hidden from our own consciousness. We might use them as opportunities to learn about the origin of what triggers us, how we could be self-sabotaging, or why we remain stuck in a hurtful relationship. We might also benefit when we want to connect with our intuition or inner guidance, or receive support or encouragement during challenging times. These spiritually-related activities can also serve to remove layers of conditioning, beliefs, fears, repression, trauma, etc: many people consider this a lifelong process and use mysticism and magick to support them with both short and long-term goals.