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T'ai Chi & QiGong

Workshop Descriptions 

QiGong, T’ai Chi

Qigong, pronounced “chi gong,” originated in China thousands of years ago as a component of traditional Chinese medicine. Exercises are performed to maximize the body, mind and spirit’s energies with the aim of enhancing and sustaining health and wellbeing. In Qigong, the mind, breath, and body’s movement are all controlled for the purpose of nurturing the vital life-force. Beginners first learn physical movements and breathing techniques according to ancient Qigong principles. A series exercises (similar to Tai Chi) are done until the postures or movements are correct. After students become comfortable with proper form, they can then focus on finding the subtle flow or fluctuation of energy within the movements, breathing patterns, and transitions; the practice then becomes a movement meditation. The goal of QiGong is to correct imbalances that have built up over a person’s lifetime such as deep-seated emotions (stress, anger, grief), trauma or injury, an imbalanced diet, addictions, dysfunctional family dynamics, lack of exercise, etc.