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T'ai Chi & QiGong

Workshop Descriptions 

QiGong, T’ai Chi

Qigong, also known as chi kung or qi gong, is a traditional Chinese exercise that incorporates breathing exercises, meditation, and slow, gentle movements. It has been practiced for a very long time and is still very well-liked in China and all across the globe.

Our qigong classes at Zenctuary Retreats are intended to assist participants in establishing a connection with their bodies, breath, and energy. Through a series of simple but effective exercises, our knowledgeable teachers will lead you, enabling you to relax, increase your energy, and create inner serenity.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the idea of qi, or life force, are the foundations of qigong. According to TCM, qi supports health and vitality when it circulates freely throughout the body, however when qi is obstructed or stagnant, it may result in physical and emotional disorders. In order to encourage healing and balance, qigong exercises work to increase the qi’s flow via the body’s energy pathways, known as meridians.

Numerous health advantages of qigong include lowering stress, enhancing circulation, enhancing the immune system, encouraging better sleep, and lowering chronic pain. Additionally, it may aid with the treatment of anxiety and depression symptoms as well as with mood and general well-being.

Beginners and adults of all ages and fitness levels are welcome at our qigong sessions. To make sure that everyone is at ease and safe during the exercise, our teachers will make alterations and adjustments. The courses are offered in a serene environment that enables participants to completely commit to the practice and reap the numerous advantages of qigong.

Our qigong seminars are a great option whether you want to lower stress, enhance your physical health, or develop your spiritual practice. Come discover how to harness the power of qi for a more lively and meaningful existence, and how to develop inner calm.