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Workshop Descriptions 


Aiming to balance the body’s energy and advance physical, emotional, and spiritual recovery, reiki is a Japanese healing method. It’s a holistic method that channels energy into the body using light touch or no contact to remove blockages, tension, and discomfort while promoting relaxation, healing, and overall well-being.

Reiki is based on the idea that every one of us has a life force energy, sometimes referred to as Ki or Chi, that runs through us and sustains our existence. There may be physical or emotional issues as a consequence of this energy being disturbed or inhibited. Reiki practitioners use their hands to feel and guide this energy, which helps to clear blockages and encourage bodily balance.

Participants in a Reiki workshop may learn the fundamentals of Reiki and how to use it on both themselves and other people. In addition to practical teaching on the hand positions and methods used in a Reiki session, the workshop often includes an introduction to the history and philosophy of Reiki. A holy process known as a Reiki attunement, which links students to the Reiki energy and trains them to channel it, is also given to participants.

Reiki seminars may be beneficial for individuals who are interested in learning more about holistic healing techniques as well as those who are coping with stress, anxiety, chronic pain, or other health difficulties. It is a mild and non-invasive method that may be used alone or in combination with other medical therapies.

Our Reiki seminars at Zenctuary Retreats are given by seasoned Reiki masters who have a thorough grasp of the technique and its advantages. Our programs provide participants with a secure and encouraging atmosphere in which they may learn more about Reiki and how to apply it to their everyday life. No of your level of Reiki expertise, our programs may help you strengthen your knowledge of and connection to this potent healing modality.