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Vedic Astrology

Workshop Description

Astrology (Vedic)

Originally from ancient India, Vedic astrology is often referred to as Jyotish, which means “science of light” in Sanskrit. It is a comprehensive system that deduces information about the past, present, and future from the positions of the planets and stars. Vedic astrology has a strong philosophical foundation in Hinduism, and the Vedas are the source of many of its fundamental concepts.

Based on a person’s precise date, time, and place of birth, Vedic Astrology determines their horoscope or birth chart. The horoscope is a diagram of the sky showing the positions of the planets, stars, and other celestial bodies at the moment of a person’s birth. A Vedic Astrologer may deduce what impact these planetary placements have on a person’s personality, relationships, profession, and spiritual journey from this information.

The usage of the sidereal zodiac in Vedic Astrology is one of the primary distinctions between Vedic Astrology and Western Astrology. Vedic astrology employs the sidereal zodiac, which is based on the actual locations of the stars, while Western astrology uses the tropical zodiac, which is based on the seasons. This indicates that Vedic astrology and Western astrology use somewhat different zodiac signs and degrees.

Vedic astrology is renowned for its precision and capacity to provide in-depth analyses of a person’s life. It may be used to pinpoint opportune times for certain endeavors, like beginning a new career or getting married, as well as any difficulties and roadblocks that a person could experience. Vedic astrology is also utilized to determine whether spiritual activities, precious stones, or other types of healing are the most effective treatments for certain problems.

We provide Vedic astrology courses and classes at Zenctuary Retreats, given by knowledgeable practitioners. Our seminars include instructions on how to read a birth chart as well as an introduction to the concepts and methods of Vedic astrology. Participants in these courses may develop a greater understanding of who they are and their position in the universe, as well as learn how to use this insight to live more meaningful lives.