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Weekly online video group meetings (Live)
One of the many benefits of our monthly packages is that you get to engage in a weekly support group. Gather with a group of like minded individuals pursuing similar interests and hobbies as you, and discuss your week and get to know each other on a deeper, more intimate level. Build meaningful connections and feel supported by each other as we grow together and learn to navigate this crazy world and all its amazing challenges. These meeting (usually over video) will include icebreaker activities as well as group share-outs where we discuss highlights and challenges from your week; you might even get some new ideas or resources. Our goal with this group is to foster relationships between one another and build a community where everyone feels welcome and fully engaged as well as have fun of course! When we’re challenged with difficulties, the experts’ advice has always been to surround yourself with a solid support network. You might learn new things by meeting people outside your usual circles, and finding people to rely on is a worthwhile activity no matter the reason; it’s simply a healthy habit! Support groups can provide a way for us to stay connected, especially during the transition from the pandemic’s social isolation precautions, and online or outside activities may be just what you need right now.