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Workshop Description

Compassionate Communication
Conflict can be minimized and relationships can be strengthened through compassionate communication. Find out more about these guiding principles and how they can help you recognize and take action on the things that can make life more peaceful and enjoyable for you and the people you relate to. Compassionate communication aims to build relationships and connections where individuals support one another out of real care and concern. You can find beauty and humanity in other people at any time (regardless of what they may be saying or doing) when you learn how to communicate compassionately in your relationships, not just the ones that are most important to you. When was the last time you really focused on someone, or paid attention to the nuances of how you’re feeling when in conversation with someone else? Sometimes all you really need is someone to listen to you without passing judgement or giving you advice: that’s an important goal of compassionate communication. Our Compassionate Communication sessions draw on the principles of Non-Violent Communication, a method that fosters interpersonal harmony and empathy in relationships, making it simpler to talk about solutions that meet the needs of all parties. Created by clinical psychologist Marshall Rosenberg, the objectives of NVC are to communicate feelings and wants, create empathic requests, and gather information for future collaboration.