Singing Ring®

Workshop Description

Singing Ring® Sound Healing
Singing Ring® is a healing instrument created in 2004 in Japan which provides a wide range (from infra sound to ultrasound) of harmonic overtones. Several scientific studies in Japan show that is has a healing effect on the body and mind by using these sounds and vibrations.

About Kyoko:
 Kyoko Tanaka supports the integration of her clients’ “life’s work”. She is a native of Japan, and has been living in the U.S. for over 40 years. Her background is in graphic design; she drew upon this training and became a “color therapy practitioner” using art, sounds, and her original oracle message cards to support the process of deep healing and empowerment for others. This experience supports people to discover and bring out the true nature of who they are and remind them of the joy of life! 

Kyoko will be sharing the sounds of Singing Ring on Saturday, April 22 at the Hidden Valley Zen Center. For more information, visit this page

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