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Virtual friend/support group meetings

One of the many benefits of our monthly packages is that you get to engage in a weekly mastermind or support group. Gather with a group of like minded individuals pursuing similar interests and hobbies as you, and discuss your week and get to know each other on a deeper, more intimate level. (Read more

Natural Health

1. Aromatherapy              2. Full Body Detox              3. Flower Essences              4. Herbs for Healing              5. Homeopathy Class              

6. Nutraceuticals        7. Nutrition


1. Emotional Freedom Technique              2. Neuro-Linguistic Programming              3. Laughter Yoga


1. Board Games, Bunco, Charades…              2. Drum Circle              3. Henna Art

4. Pottery-making, Ceramic Painting, Soap-making or Painting, Wine & Cheese 


1. For new Mothers              2. Thriving Through Menopause

For Men

1. Men’s Group


1. Beach Mandalas              2. Breathwork              3. HeartMath              4. “Ikigai” (Life Purpose) Exploration              5. Journaling

6. Labyrinth walk              5. Meditation              6. Mindfulness              7. Reiki              8. Singing Bowl Meditation              9. Vision boards

10. Yoga Nidra 


1. Astrology (Western)              2. Astrology (Vedic)              3. Mysticism and Magick (Tarot, Crystals, etc.)


1. Fitness & Weight Training              2. QiGong and T’ai Chi              3. Ashtanga Yoga              4. Hatha Yoga              5. Restorative Yoga

5. Vinyasa Yoga              6. Yin Yoga


1. Day Retreat              2. R&R Evening in Julian

Week-long or International Retreats

For our 1-2 week-long type events, please visit our Retreats page

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